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Top Tips for Staying Safe at a Festival this Summer

The weather’s getting warmer, bands are releasing summer tour dates, and you can feel the festivals calling – you can almost hear the distant sounds of bass and cheering as you enjoy a drink in a sunny field. Festivals can be fantastic fun, but it can all be ruined if something goes wrong – for example if your valuables get stolen. Here are our top tips for ensuring things like that don’t happen.

Know where the security services are

One of your first ports of call when you arrive at the festival on the first day should be identifying where the security and medical services are based. That way, you know where to go immediately in the case of an emergency and can get help as quickly as possible.

Agree a meeting point with friends

Even if you’re at a smaller festival event, with so many people milling around and restricted access to electrical points to keep your phone charged, there is a much higher chance of losing the people you’re with. Agree on a central meeting point so that you can all meet up again if you get separated.

Don’t leave drinks unattended

There’s often a friendly, relaxed atmosphere at festivals – but that shouldn’t mean you to let your guard down. Just like if you were in a bar, you shouldn’t leave your drink around unattended, as it is susceptible to being spiked.

Take as few valuables as possible

The fewer valuables you take, the lower the chance of having something stolen. Only take what you really need. And once you’re there, be savvy: split valuables and money between a few different places so that if someone does get into your tent they’re less likely to get their hands on everything.

Don’t padlock your tent

It might seem safer, but putting a padlock on your tent actually puts you more at risk from theft. It won’t stop someone getting into your tent, as the fabric can easily be cut through, but it does draw attention to your tent and suggest there are valuables inside – making it more of a target.

Don’t challenge thieves

If you get back from seeing a band and realise that there is a stranger in your tent, don’t try to challenge them yourself. They could be armed or dangerous. Instead, alert the event security and they will deal with the issue quickly and professionally.

Don’t leave valuables in your car

You might be tempted to do this because, unlike a tent, you can lock a car. However, leaving valuables on show in plain sight in a pretty much deserted field is an invitation for someone to smash your car window and help themselves. And that’s the last thing you want to find out when you want to get home to a hot bath and cup of tea at the end of the weekend!

Keep your phone charged

It can be difficult to keep your phone charged at outdoor events, but it’s worth trying to where you can. That way you can stay in touch with your friends more easily so that you and they are less likely to get lost or end up alone and vulnerable. See if the event has a charging station, or invest in a portable charger.

Have a festival buddy

Even if you’re in a bigger group, it’s a good idea to arrange with one person to be festival buddies and stick together. That way if you go missing, someone will notice right away and not just assume you’re with other people from the group.

Label your stuff

Your things are much less likely to get stolen if they are clearly labelled with your name and postcode. It would be much harder for someone to sell something on if it had “PROPERTY OF JOE BLOGGS DE4 5HG” scrawled across it!

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