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Staying Safe on Bonfire Night

It’s that time of year when the nights are getting colder, the days are getting shorter and it’s time for some of our favourite celebrations. It’s only a few days to go until bonfire night, and while it’s always great fun seeing the fireworks and enjoying a toffee apple, you need to make sure you stay safe as well.

While you of course need to be careful where fire and fireworks involved, many of us will be attending large-scale public events on bonfire night, which can also put you at risk of pickpocketing or getting split up from friends and family. Here are our top tips for staying safe at a bonfire night event.

1. Keep valuables zipped away in an inside pocket or money belt

Crowded events like bonfire night celebrations are a prime target for pickpockets looking to steal valuable possessions. It’s much easier for them to go unnoticed when there are lots of people moving around and jostling one another. Even if you’re a very vigilant person, you can still get caught out. Consider keeping money in a money belt under your clothes, or other values in an inside zip pocket of your coat. Avoid open bags at all costs – make sure it fastens up properly, and if there are inside pockets then stow your valuables away in there so they are harder to get to.

2. Only take what you need

The fewer important or valuable items you have on you, the less chance you have of getting something stolen. Before you go to a bonfire event, go through your bag and pockets to make sure you don’t accidentally take something valuable that you don’t need.

3. Make sure your phone is fully charged

Before you go out, make sure that your phone is charged up so that you can contact your friends or family if you should get split up. And as always, it means you can quickly contact the emergency services if an incident should occur.

4. Agree on a meeting point for if your group gets split up

There is always a chance that your group may accidentally get split up at a large event. You should have a plan in place before this happens so that you can all easily meet up again. This also covers the eventuality that someone’s mobile phone has run out of battery or signal is bad. It is also an especially good idea if you have children without mobile phones.

5. Keep small children on a harness

Anyone with small kids knows how prone they are to running off the moment you turn your head away. In crowds of people you can quickly lose sight of them if they decide to run off on a little adventure! A kiddie harness is a lifesaver in these sorts of situations – you can all stay together and have a nice evening without any drama!

6. Wear a bright colour

The whole point of a firework display is that it takes place in the evening, so the fireworks really stand out against the night sky. But this means it’s dark and harder to see people. Wearing dark colours makes it even harder – so if you have a brightly coloured coat or hat then pop it on so that people can see you – especially if you’re taking kids (and dress them in bright colours too, if they’ll let you)!

7. Identify the exits, first aid area and security when you arrive

When you arrive at the event, take a look around and make a mental note of all the exits, as well as where event security and first aid staff are located. This means that you can easily alert the right person if there is a security issue or an accident or health problem. Identifying the exits also means that it will be much easier to leave if you need to part way through – when you’re right in the middle of a crowd it can be hard to see where to get out if you haven’t informed yourself in advance!

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