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How to Protect Your Small Business from Vandalism

When you’re a small business, acts of vandalism to your premises can be devastating. News stories and reports of it happening in the local area can leave business owners feeling on edge. Levels tend to rise around big events—you may have seen images of vandalism to vehicles after World Cup 2018 England wins. Periods of unrest and protests often bring spikes as well. Taking measures to protect your business helps to prevent your property being vandalised, as well as giving you peace of mind.

1. Install Shutters and Impact Glass for Your Shop Front

Installing security shutters if you have a glass shop front is a key way to protect your business from costly damage. Not only does it stop you glass façade from getting smashed, but it is also a visual deterrent. Vandals will be looking around for where they can easily inflict damage. If they see security shutters they are likely to think the building is well-protected and move on to find an easier target. After all, if you wanted to smash in a window, you’d look for one that was exposed, wouldn’t you?

However, you’re likely to only have your shutters down at night. If you want protection during the day as well, then impact glass is a good choice. It is much harder to break than regular glass. This means it is also good protection against flying objects in windy weather.

2. Make Your Property Unclimbable

There are also different measures you can take to make sure people cannot climb up your property and inflict damage.

Anti-climb paint is a thick, greasy paint that does not dry fully. This means that when it is applied to drainpipes, ledges and walls, they are extremely difficult to climb. It is black in colour, meaning that it comes off on and marks clothing. You can also use a sign to advertise the fact that anti-climb paint has been used. This makes people less likely to even attempt scaling the building.

Another measure you may want to take, particularly during periods of unrest, is the use of an additional anti-climb barrier in front of the building. The fences have small apertures that make them difficult to climb.

3. Keep Your Property Looking Presentable

Making sure our business premises is tidy and well-maintained will make people think they are less likely to get away with vandalising it. This includes removing any graffiti immediately. Leaving it there will encourage the original and vandal and others to commit further vandalism. Cleaning it away quickly shows that it won’t be tolerated and is pointless because it will be gone the next day.

You can also get anti-graffiti paint, which enables any graffiti to be washed away easily with soap and warm water. This is a good precaution that could end up saving you time and money.

4. Share Information with Nearby Businesses and Residents

Talking to people who live and work nearby can provide useful information about crime in the local area. By sharing what’s happening, everyone can know what to expect and can be prepared. You may even be able to notice patterns in the times vandalism is occurring.

There are also “Business Watch Groups” you can join or start up. Like Neighbourhood Watch, you all help to keep crime down by looking out for one another’s properties.

5. Install CCTV

CCTV outside your property allows you to potentially identify those who have vandalised your building. Again, it can be a big deterrent too, as vandals won’t want to get caught. Put your CCTV in a visible, obvious place, and signpost that the area is under CCTV surveillance.

6. Utilise Security Professionals

The best way to ensure your property is safe and secure is to employ a range of different security measures. You may also want to step up your security during periods of extra activity or unrest in your local area. For example, you could hire some security guards to monitor CCTV in real-time. They can also carry out patrols of the premises and be on hand should anything untoward occur.

NVC offer a range of professional security services. We are able to tailor a security solution based on the particular needs of your business. To discuss how we could help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 01332 806996.

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