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Going Away this Christmas? Here’s How to Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Away

Many of us plan getaways during the festive period. And whether it’s a two-week holiday, or just a couple of nights with family, there’s no denying that your house is at risk the minute you leave the front door. Going on holiday always puts your home at risk. However, a report has revealed that property-related crimes increase by 36% in the winter months, meaning that your house is even more vulnerable at Christmas time.

In order to keep you and your home as safe as possible while you’re away, the team at NVC have compiled a list of just some of the ways in which you can keep your home safe, at any time of year.

Notify trusted neighbours that you are going away, doing so will ensure that there is an extra pair of eyes to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

Ask a neighbour to occasionally park their car on your drive, this will help give the impression that the house is still occupied.

Ask a friend to visit the house, not only can plants be watered and fish fed but it will help to deter potential criminals by appearing as if someone is staying in the house.

Add extra locks to both windows and doors. Even if you decide to remove them again on your return for aesthetic purposes, it is a sensible idea to have as many locks as possible whilst you leave your house empty.

Install an alarm system. Not only will the presence of this deter criminals, but in the unfortunate event that your house does get broken into, this can help to notify neighbours who can contact the police.

Invest in CCTV system. This is sure to put off anybody thinking of breaking into your home. Not only this, but it will also capture any person who does this on camera, making it easier to track them down.

Arrange for general maintenance to continue while you are away. A well-maintained garden and clean windows will help your home to appear occupied.

Put your post on hold. Nothing advertises the fact that you’re out of town more than a pile of stacked up post in your letter box. It is quick and easy to notify any companies which regularly send you post that you are going to be away so that they can halt your subscription.

Remove your spare key. The first place any criminal is going to look is under that plant pot and it may seem obvious, but when preparing to go away- particularly at Christmas- it is easy for this to be forgotten.

Lock valuables in a safe. This way, if a burglar were able to enter your property, there would be little of value for them to take. This could also deter them from entering in the first place as no valuables will be visible.

Don’t tell social media that you’re away. As tempting as it is to brag to your friends and followers about your festive escape, doing so can alert potential thieves to the fact that you’re away. Instead, hold off on the Instagram pictures until you return home.

Advertise your security measures. Even if you don’t have time to install new security measures before you jet off, stickers which warn burglars of security are cheap and easy to purchase and proven to prevent would-be criminals.

Whatever your plans this Christmas, it’s important that you, your home and your loved ones are as safe as possible to enjoy a Merry Christmas. To discuss how the team at NVC can help improve your security measures get in touch with us today- give us a call on 01332 806996 to find out more.

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