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International Women’s Day with NVC

This international women’s day, NVC wanted to mark the occasion by celebrating the many women who work in security services and the important role they play.

There are over 230,000 people working in security in the UK alone and 1 in 10 of them is a woman. Whilst this may seem like a small proportion, it means that women around 23,000 females currently hold roles in the security industry, and this figure is set to grow.

Demand for female operatives is continually increasing thanks to the many attributes that women bring to the field. Owners of security companies have even warned that there are not enough women in the industry to meet the current demand.

Thanks to the incredible demand for female operatives, the security services are growing in popularity as a career path for women. There are many benefits to be had for those women who do enter the field, which is one of the few industries in which women are currently paid more than men.

The zeitgeist barometer that is Netflix, confirmed the rise in female security workers with the release of original film, Close, at the start of this year. Inspired by the life of one of the most high-profile female security professionals, Jacquie Davis, the movie details the exploits of Davis as the counter-terrorism expert protects a wealthy heiress.

Throughout the film it is clear to see how skilled Davis is at what she does, and the many qualities which she brings to the world of security. Here are just some of the attributes that make women ideal candidates for security roles:

Brains is more important than brawn when it comes to security. Whilst security workers need to be fit, excess muscle is not the most significant quality. Conflict resolution is much more important and something that females tend to excel in. Whether working as door security, or a personal guard the ability to diffuse tense situations is essential.

Too much muscle isn’t always helpful. When thinking of a security professional, most people will quickly conjure an image of an incredibly burly man. However, too much muscle can actually hinder their ability to move quickly. In high risk situations, agility and speed are critical and women’s naturally smaller builds often allow them to move with greater speed.

It is easier for women to blend in. For many security jobs, it is crucial to not draw attention to the subject you may be protecting, or obviously stand out as security. This is where women are superior, as where a tall, muscular man may quickly be identified, a female is less likely to be identified as a security professional.

Women help to make people feel at ease. Another reasons for the rising demand in female security guards is that many people feel more at ease in the presence of a woman. Particularly in a bodyguard role, in which the employer themselves is female, it is easy to see why they would feel more relaxed around someone of the same gender. Not to mention that a man working for a female client would naturally present issues around toilet trips.

So, this International Women’s Day NVC would like to say a massive thank you to all the women working tirelessly in the security sector and the amazing attributes that they bring to the industry. The team at NVC look forward to a bright future for the world of security with more and more women involved.

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