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How Do Security Cameras Reduce Crime?

CCTV cameras are one of the most widely used security measures. They are particularly prevalent within the UK—and not for no reason. There are a multitude of ways in which they help to reduce crime.

1. Offenders are more likely to get caught

Security cameras ensure constant surveillance of an area. They cover any gaps in other surveillance techniques, for example the time in between patrols. This of course means that anyone trying to commit a crime in the vicinity is much more likely to get caught and punished.

2. Security staff can be deployed more effectively

According to a review by the College of Policing, CCTV is most effective in combatting crime when combined with other security measures. And likewise, it can help to enhance your existing surveillance processes. Using security cameras means that security staff can be deployed faster and in a targeted manner once suspicious activity has been detected via CCTV cameras.

3. They deter criminals

Surveillance cameras have been proven to deter criminals, as they increase apprehension and perceived risk. Having CCTV in plain view is likely to stop people from committing crimes, for fear of being caught. Experienced criminals will check for CCTV before committing a crime, and even opportunist crimes—the most common type—can be prevented by the obvious presence of security cameras.

4. They make people more security conscious

CCTV has a psychological effect on potential victims of crime as well. Spotting a camera will remind people about security risks. This could be the difference between them leaving a valuable item on view in a parked car and taking it with them or stowing it away. If you’re trying to minimise crime at your event or on your premises, using surveillance cameras is a good way to get people to cooperate.

5. They provide useful evidence

If the worst should happen and a crime is committed at your premises or event, CCTV footage presents valuable evidence for identifying and arresting the offender. This prevents them from committing future crimes, and also sends a clear signal to the public that you are serious about tackling crime.

Other benefits

Using CCTV cameras can be up to 75% cheaper than manned guarding, whilst active monitoring means they can be just as effective.

Here at NVC security we offer two different CCTV options: a mobile CCTV unit or CCTV tower. Both of these include 24/7 monitoring by our expert security staff. Our rapid deployment CCTV towers are suited to use at remote sites, utilities installations and construction sites. The mobile CCTV unit option, on the other hand, is great for crowded events. The presence of the van itself creates extra awareness about the use of security cameras at the event.

As mentioned, security cameras are most effective when combined with other security measures. We provide a whole host of security services and can offer you comprehensive security for your event or building. Our services include event security, mobile patrols, door supervisors, keyholding and more.

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