What is remote CCTV monitoring and alarm response, and how does it work?

What is remote CCTV monitoring and alarm response, and how does it work?

Remote CCTV monitoring is an efficient and cost-effective security solution which can protect your property or business from theft or damage.

Your CCTV camera or intruder alarm system will be connected to a remote monitoring control room via an internet connection or phone signal. This connection can either be live 24/7, or only during the times when you require it – such as out of business hours or at the weekend. This can be installed with minimum disruption – with some systems requiring no mains power, having a battery life of up to 4 years, and with completely wire free technology – and at a reasonable expense, providing a cost-effective solution to securing your assets.

If your CCTV camera or alarm system detects an intruder or any other unusual activity on your premises, an alarm activation will be sent to the remote monitoring control room. The remote monitoring control room will immediately contact a member of the NVC Security team, who will come out to your site straight away and investigate the alarm activation, and will also contact the relevant emergency services.

The CCTV equipment we provide can also include the option for a live audio link to the site, giving the remote operator the opportunity to issue an audio warning to any intruders on your property.   In most cases, an audio warning will deter intruders. However, if your property remains at risk the operators will update the emergency services. As the remote operator will have verified the alarm activation by viewing the CCTV cameras, there will be added credibility to the call. This should help to ensure a rapid emergency response.

Remote CCTV monitoring can save you or your business thousands of pounds in potential losses via theft, or criminal damage.


The CCTV systems NVC Security can provide feature the following:

  • Full digital recording with the ability to implement up to 16 cameras using the latest digital recording technology.
  • Equipment from the biggest names in the business such as Samsung and Bosch.
  • High specification PTZ and fixed cameras, including industry leading Bosch ‘Metal Mickey’ MIC cameras.
  • Full 360-degree infrared lighting for dark environments and night-time operation.
  • CCTV transmission ability to external control rooms using microwave wavelengths.
  • Telephone and data connectivity.
  • Copying facilities for DVD and Super VHS transfer where required.
  • Independent power supply in remote locations, such as vacant properties, construction sites or rural locations.
  • PA system allowing for announcements at public events.
  • On-board radio system with personal radio facilities.
  • Satellite TV for monitoring Sky and BBC 24 News etc.
  • SIA licensed operators and auditable reporting facilities.


NVC Security are based in Derby, England, with operations throughout the UK. If you would like more information on the CCTV and alarm response services we offer, please view our ‘Services’ section, or alternatively you can get in touch on 01332 806 996 to speak to a member of our team about our services and receive your free quote.