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Top 10 Tips You Might Not Have Thought Of for Keeping Your Home and Garden Secure

We all want to keep our properties secure, and most of us are familiar with standard security measures such as alarm systems and padlocks. In this blog we thought we’d put together some ideas that you may not have thought of and that could really boost your home and garden security.

1. Use a trellis on top of your fence

Having a trellis along the top of your fence will make it difficult for people to climb over as it is spiky on top and not very stable. And the added bonus is that you can add plants to make it look really nice—no need for horrible looking spikes!

2. Use door sensors

Many of us use alarm systems, but these are sometimes only activated when an intruder reaches a certain point in the house. Installing sensors on your doors can alert you the moment someone enters the house—including if you are at home and an intruder has decided to test whether the door is open.

3. Don’t leave keys in locks

It’s easy to get complacent when it comes to security, or let it slip our mind if we are busy around the house. But as most thefts and burglaries are opportunist crimes, you need to remain vigilant. If you have left a key in the door, burglars can easily smash through a window or door and unlock it from the inside.

4. Don’t leave your curtains drawn in the day

If you’re going away on holiday, it can be tempting to close the curtains before you go. However, closed curtains during the day sends a clear sign that no one is in the house and practically invites burglars and intruders in. Make sure you leave them open.

5. Fit some blinds

Vertical or venetian blinds can act as a good deterrent for people trying to enter your home through the window. This is because they can make a lot of noise and attract attention when someone is trying to gain entry to the house.

6. Get someone to pick up your post

Piles of post behind the door are another clear piece of evidence that you are away on holiday. It is one of the things burglars will look for when deciding whether to target a property. You can avoid this by asking a friend or neighbour to pick up your post on a regular basis while you’re away.

7. Lock the door when you’re in the garden

Lovely sunny days can make us all feel more relaxed. But while you’re soaking up the rays in the garden, don’t forget to secure the front of your premises. It can be easy to leave windows open for ventilation or leave the door unlocked if you’re expecting people, but this also opens up your home to intruders. You might not notice someone slipping into the house when you’re in the garden, especially if people are talking or there is music playing.

8. Keep your car keys hidden

Something that burglars will often target is your car. If they break in, car keys will be at the top of their agenda or they might even break in with the intention of finding your keys to steal your car. For this reason, you shouldn’t leave your car keys clearly visible. Keep them hidden away in a cupboard or secure place.

9. Lay a gravel path

Having a gravel around your property has a twofold effect in terms of security. Firstly, it makes a noise as soon as someone steps on it, so you will be alerted as soon as someone is approaching. Secondly, burglars know this, so will be more likely to avoid targeting your home in the first place.

10. Don’t have tall hedges or fences in front of your property

Although it might make you feel more secure, having tall fences or hedges in front of your property is actually a help for intruders rather than a hindrance. It gives them something to hide behind when they are watching your property and seeing whether the coast is clear to break in.

We hope you found our security tips of interest. The main thing to take away is that vigilance is always key when it comes to keeping intruders out.

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