Comprehensive Protection from Experienced Professionals

If you’re looking for comprehensive private security delivered by some of the best personnel in the business, NVC Security has just what you need. Our team is primarily based in Derby but can provide safety solutions to the surrounding areas as well as Nottingham, Leicester and the rest of the country.

Our staff have tremendous experience and as many of them are ex-forces, have dealt with and excelled in some of the toughest and most demanding environments imaginable.

Proactive not Reactive

Our private security staff are all fully SIA licensed and have the relevant insurance to keep you and the people and things you care about secure. Whether you’re looking to safeguard people or property, NVC is ideally equipped to handle any situation.

We have an ethos that we believe works. Working differently to some of the other private security companies out there, our aim is to be proactive, not reactive. Instead of simply waiting for threats to appear, our personnel examine each environment and take the appropriate actions to eliminate risks before they have a chance to present themselves.

This is of vital importance where personal interests are concerned. By nullifying possible dangers, added peace of mind and enhanced security is achieved.

Complete Efficiency

When it comes to protection, everything should be able to fall into place to provide an efficient service. That’s exactly why our team carries out extensive research before supplying personnel.

If you want to safeguard a building, we will come to your site and identify exactly what needs to happen to make it work. These insights are invaluable in allowing us to supply a complete private security system.

Whether you’re looking to cover people, buildings, areas or a mix of any, we can handle your situation accordingly, providing you with the ultimate in surveillance and security.

Guarding Your World

Here at NVC Security, we appreciate that everything from buildings and employees to assets and open areas can be under threat in a number of ways. Theft and criminal damage cost businesses millions each and every year and you don’t want to be the next to experience this first-hand.

As a proactive private security company, we concentrate all of our efforts on ensuring the best possible solutions and results for your specific circumstances. NVC Security is a name you can trust to deliver the very finest in protection for any sector.

Our smartly dressed and highly presentable team hold several key skills, useful in a number of scenarios. From first aid and crowd management to awareness and responsiveness, no matter what the day throws up, you’re covered from all angles.

A Commitment to Improvement

Even though we believe our staff, and the services they provide, to be the best available, we are always trying to better ourselves. Not only does this mean we are even more capable and competent, you get an improved solution each and every day.

Our staff have access to ongoing training and are constantly working on exceeding their already sky-high standards.

To find out more about private security, or any of our other services, get in touch with us. Call us on 01332 806996 to see how we can help.