Personal Security Services from NVC Security

NVC Security is a leading East Midlands based provider of personal security. Our staff is made up of some of the finest in surveillance and safeguarding for your world. Located in Derby, our personnel are in prime position to offer extensive services in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, the East Midlands and throughout the whole of the UK.

We work with the mantra “proactive not reactive”. This means that we do everything in our power to eliminate potential issues before they even pose a problem. Our experienced team analyses your everyday routine and surroundings to assess the best way to keep you safeguarded. With this method, we are able to effectively determine the ultimate protection plan.

Experienced and Qualified

Our team consists of fully SIA licensed men and women, with a high competence for dealing with the most personal and extreme cases. Many of our staff are ex-military and have encountered some of the toughest situations and environments all over the globe.

With an emphasis on making sure no danger comes to you, NVC’s personal security services are arguably the finest around. We’ve helped many people when they’ve need safeguarding for various reasons.

You can trust us to deliver the pinnacle in protective services. Our practises and track record speak for themselves. No matter your social status, reason for protection or anything else, you receive a comprehensive security package keeping you safe.

Committed to Development

As a company we put a lot of effort into improving an already incredible service. As professional, experienced and qualified as our staff are, they are always looking to build their knowledge and skillset. This has benefits for all parties involved.

NVC Security continues to grow and thrive as a leading personal security company in Derby, security personnel continue to expand their expertise and the end results are passed onto the client.

With everything from first aid and argument control to area scanning and practical situation training constantly ongoing, every day both the company and personnel involved can offer even more.

Tailored to Your World

If you want a highly visual deterrent guarding your world, we can provide just that. If you’re after a more subtle and discreet personal security services arrangement, we can also provide covert close protection officers (CPOs) to suit.

Whichever option works best for, our staff always look the part. Highly presentable, smartly dressed personnel can fit seamlessly into your everyday operations and work however you want them to. Whether you want them to stay close to you, continually scan the area or watch from further afar, their extensive skills can be deployed how you see fit.

We know and understand how important it is to ensure complete confidence in personal security services. NVC Security gives you the protection you need.

Get in touch with us today to find the perfect answer to all of your problems.