Industrial Security

The industrial sector has long been known as highly profitable and vital to the economy. As great as that may be, it can often be a target for thieves and individuals looking to exploit weaknesses for personal gain.

Industrial security from NVC Security can go a long way to eliminating these weaknesses. Our experienced personnel can comprehensively enhance the protection of busy warehouses, factories and construction sites keeping staff, visitors and material items safe from theft and harm.

A Comprehensive Service

Whatever the requirements of your premises, we can provide an all-inclusive package that meets your exact demands. Our industrial security staff can carry out a range of roles including:

  • Providing a visual deterrent
  • Scanning premises for potential threats
  • Eliminating holes in current setups
  • Responding to issues in a timely and suitable manner

Depending on your specific requirements, a range of solutions will be implemented to give you a complete service. We offer a free security review of your premises. Our professional staff will assess your setup and devise a plan going forward.

Whether you need security guards, CCTV units or mobile patrols, we can take care of it all in one tailor-made service.

Constantly Improving

NVC Security has a line of staff ready, willing and able to deliver the perfect solutions. Many of our staff are ex-forces meaning they have plenty of experience dealing with even the harshest of scenarios.

That doesn’t mean that our industrial security team will ever rest on their laurels, though. Even with an expansive knowledge, they are always striving for more. An ever-expanding skill set leads to even better results day after day and higher levels of performance.

With that being said, we provide extensive and ongoing training that means we can continue to provide the very best in security.

Around the Clock Protection

Whether day or night, keeping your premises secure is vital. We appreciate this and in turn, can offer our services at any time of the day. It’s highly likely that industrial grounds are home to a whole host of highly valuable materials, equipment and machinery.

If anything were to happen to these critical components, would your operations be able to continue as normal? When you come to us, you needn’t worry.

We can handle everything from signs and cameras to manned guarding and patrolling. With no need to be concerned about your building and the things inside, you can focus on driving your business forward in the future.

Find out More

Here at NVC Security, we don’t work with fixed price models. Instead, we’ll take into account your exact needs and supply a quote to match. Our honest and clear working practices keep you in the loop at all times.

To find out more about our industrial security solutions or to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch with us.

You can call us on 01332 806996 or visit our contact page. We will gladly talk you through anything you want to know and help you get full protection in place.