Festival Security – NVC Security Services

Festivals are supposed to be a thing of fun and for the most part, they usually are. Festival security ensures this thanks to an active approach to keeping staff and attendees secure from a number of potential hazards.

NVC Security is a Derby based provider of this service and work closely with organisers to ensure that events run without a hitch. Our SIA licensed officers spare no detail in establishing the absolute best way to supply surveillance and deliver exactly what is needed to safeguard everybody involved.

No matter the topic of your event, getting your festival security in order tends to be a matter of importance. If you’re looking for the ideal personnel and plan of action, look no further.

A Renewed Approach

As we are based in Derby, we are extremely well located to offer our services to the Derby area, the East Midlands and throughout the whole of the UK. We’re keen to shake off the conceived stereotype of security as people who are rough and looking to eject people simply for the sake of it.

That’s why we adopt a somewhat different approach to some of the other companies out there. Working with an emphasis on eliminating threats before they actually appear, our “proactive not reactive” motto allows your festival to be as controlled and uninterrupted as possible.

Rather than waiting for issues to arise, we work with you to analyse where disturbances are likely to come from and cut the source before it has chance. Our team will conduct a thorough survey of your site and identify what needs to happen.

With a comprehensive system implemented, everybody can enjoy your event as planned. If trouble does arise however, we are still right on hand to effectively relieve the situation in an efficient manner.

A Range of Services

NVC Security’s festival security team has provided many events with the guarantee of enhanced protection, leading to higher enjoyment levels for visitors. Complete with professional uniforms and a courteous attitude, we can supply a range of services including:

  • ID verification
  • Crowd control
  • Capacity control
  • Dress code enforcement
  • Conflict management
  • Internal and external patrolling
  • Assisting the public, particularly in instances of high alcohol consumption
  • Ticket checks and collection
  • Evacuation drills and procedures
  • Anti-drug policies and enforcement
  • Toilet checks

Festival security is so much more having a visual deterrent in place. We make it our responsibility to fully integrate with your staff and environment in order to provide the ultimate solution. No matter which specific services you require, we provide them in a way that definitively corresponds to your distinct demands.

Complete Protection

If you’re after a comprehensive festival security package for your event in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, anywhere in the East Midlands or the whole of the UK, you can count on us to give you exactly what you need.

No matter the size, location, venue, niche or subject of your event, NVC Security has the perfect solution for your safeguarding needs. Our highly experienced, fully SIA licensed and completely insured staff have the knowledge and expertise to protect your festival from all angles.

Feel free to give us a call on 01332 806996 today to find out more. Alternatively, use our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.