Commercial Security

Commercial security is vital to the everyday running of many premises. Keeping stock, staff and visitors out of harm’s reach is essential to any business’s satisfaction levels and profits.

NVC Security knows how important it is and provides services to efficiently and effectively combat any potential threats and keep everybody involved safe and protected.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff have the ability to keep everything under control, no matter what the circumstances may be. Without impeding day to day operations, fully licensed SIA personnel shore up every detail of your security. This allows you to work as you would, safe in the knowledge that no danger will pose a problem.

A Distinct Approach

We like to work differently to a number of commercial security providers. NVC Security bases its protocol on being proactive rather than responsive. Instead of simply waiting for threats to appear, we do everything in our power to remove any risk factors in order to reduce the chances of them appearing in the first place.

This has led to us being able to eliminate any holes and flaws in place before they become a defining factor or anybody can make use of them. We’ve supplied this model to many commercial premises to great effect.

Our team assesses every project thoroughly and compose a detailed plan to carry out. With this in place, the utmost proficiency is attained, keeping buildings and people as safe as they should be.

If something does go wrong, our officers don’t revert to a security guard stereotype. Thanks to an abundance of expertise, they know how to rectify any situation accordingly. Whether that’s crowd control, diffusing arguments or stopping a would-be thief in their tracks, your business has everything it needs.

A Host of Benefits

With commercial security comes a wide range of benefits. Our smartly-dressed staff act as a visual deterrent with a highly identifiable uniform.

NVC Security gives you all the resources needed to protect premises. From personnel and vehicles to CCTV units and signs there will be no doubt that you’re covered. Regardless of the size of your grounds, you’ll also get your very own manager and supervisor for the project ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Always Moving Forward

NVC Security boasts some of the best commercial security staff around but we don’t stop there. All of our officers strive to be even better and regularly undertake training courses to allow them to be so.

This constant improvement allows us to confidently state that our services are unrivalled in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and the whole of the UK.

Whether your premises are located in Derby or anywhere else nationwide, you can count on us to deliver everything need and more.

Free Security Review

If you’re looking to enhance your security, let us help. Contact us today to book your free security review. We’ll come to you and analyse your premises. We’ll then suggest the best course of action in terms of commercial security and provide a quote to suit.